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2022 Beta EVO Trials vary updates

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2022 Beta EVO Trial

Beta continues to fine-tune its Trial range with updates to the 2022 range primarily focusing on styling and suspension. The new models are expected to start arriving in September.

The EVO has received a series of major updates to the engine, frame, and suspension over its lifespan. This is why for the MY 2022 version, Beta has focused on the details.

2022 Beta EVO 300 2T

Beta’s experience gained in trial competitions contributes directly to the development of its products for the end user, and the EVO range is one of the most extensive in this class, offering a total of six different models created to meet the needs of all riders, from the EVO 80 2T, through to the EVO 300 4T and 2T models.

Major updates have been made to the graphics of the bike, while a number of details – such as the handlebar – have changed colour to create a more modern and aggressive look. The air filter box is also now red, for an eye catching feature.

Functionally, it is the same as before, as the dedicated TwinAir foam filter. The filter is accessible either from above via the small cover or by removing the rear mudguard in a few simple steps.

The frame is now painted in distinctive Beta red colour to accentuate the hydroformed aluminium structure – a hallmark feature of the EVO.

2022 Beta EVO 200 2T

The suspension has been updated with revised fork settings to optimise the damping curve in both fully compressed and fully extended states. This has been achieved by modifying both the mechanical settings of the suspension and the volume of oil contained in the stanchions – with different quantities used for the right and left hand sides of the fork. This means that EVO is equipped with an asymmetric fork, with the left and right hand stanchions differing both functionally and in internal volume.

The left hand side features adjustable spring length, for setting ride height, while the hydraulic functions of the fork are settable on the right hand stanchion, for customising the damping behaviour and responsiveness of the front end.

By using different oil volumes calibrated specifically for the left- and right- hand stanchions, both the progressiveness of the fork and the precision with which feel is transmitted to the rider have been improved.

2022 Beta EVO 300 2T SS

The functions of the map selector switch, on the other hand, have been maintained. The EVO offers a choice of two different engine maps selectable by the rider with a button practically located on the tank cover. This placement makes the button easy to reach while offering protection against knocks and unintentional operation, while an LED indicator lets the rider immediately identify which map is currently in use.

Below is a quick run down of some of the available models:

Beta Evo 80 2 Str Junior/Senior

The Evo 80 is the ideal bike for newcomers to the sport. The Junior version is by far the easiest bike to use for young riders taking to the saddle of a combustion-engined trial bike for the first time. The Senior version on the other hand is an intermediate step between the smaller bike and the bigger 125 model, sharing the same wheel size with the latter while keeping the intuitive manageability of the 80 cc engine.

Beta Evo 125 2 Str

The smallest homologation ready bike in the range. Light and agile, this is perfect for young riders moving up from lesser classes and making their first forays into more serious competitions. The engine delivers enough performance to overcome any obstacle in safety, while still being fun and easy to handle.

Beta Evo 250 2 Str

This is the ideal bike for riders looking for an agile and easily controllable two-stroke, with a more docile temperament and with slightly less power and torque than the range-topping model. The Evo 250 is ideal for the amateur looking for class-beating performance combined with precisely manageable power and impeccable rideability.

Beta Evo 300 2 Str

The 300 2 Str is the top-of-range model in the Evo family. A bike for lovers of big capacity engines with impressive torque at all engine speeds, and the perfect base for competing even at pro levels. The size of both the frame and the engine have been optimised to maximise the ability of the bike to overcome even the most challenging obstacles and the most technically difficult trials.

2022 Beta EVO 300 2T

Beta Evo 300 2 Str SS

With SS standing for “Super Smooth”, this is the model with the broadest appeal in the whole two-stroke range. A bike that extremely fun to ride with all the main traits of the biggest Beta engine – the 300 cc unit – but with more tempered power delivery at low to mid engine speeds than the standard version which, together with a series of other minor tweaks, make this an even more enjoyable and easy-to-use machine for the less experienced rider.

Beta Evo 300 4 Str

The four-stroke model also boasts an engine capacity of 300 cc, and strikes the balance between performance, tractable engine power and overall usability. This engine embraces a completely different approach to riding than its two-stroke siblings. With plenty of torque and linear, extremely progressive power delivery, this is the perfect bike for the amateur looking for a machine suitable for less challenging competitive use and motorcycle mounting climbing.

2022 Beta EVO Trial range specifications


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