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2 no-brainer trades Colts should make to exchange Carson Wentz

The Indianapolis Colts have to swap for one of these guys after Carson Wentz is injured.

With Carson Wentz sidelined for the next five to 12 weeks, it would serve the Indianapolis Colts to trade in for an emergency quarterback before the start of the season.

Indianapolis has provided the former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback earlier this offseason with hope that Wentz could help the Colts win their Premier League title from 2014 through early October. Fortunately, these two backup quarterbacks would make a lot of sense in the meantime.

If Colt’s general manager Chris Ballard is interested in keeping his team’s season afloat while Wentz recovers from foot surgery, he should consider swapping out one of these two backup quarterbacks.

Indianapolis Colts: 2 quarterbacks that can be exchanged for after Carson Wentz’s injury


gardener Minshev

QB Jacksonville Jaguars

Gardner Minshew’s days in Duval County are numbered with the Jacksonville Jaguars battling former Clemson standout Trevor Lawrence last Spring Draft’s No. 1 overall standings. As a rookie in 2019, he picked up 6-6 at the starter of the Jaguars, but had to deal with injuries and a multitude of disappointments in a small slump in the second year last year. The good news is we know he can play.

Minshew already had two years of experience with the AFC South, which should help Colts when they face the Houston Texans, Tennessee Titans and of course Jacksonville. In all respects, Minshew will likely become the Ryan Fitzpatrick version of his generation, but the Colts would get a lesser version of Baker Mayfield among the middle.


Nick Foles

QB Chicago bears

You can’t tell the story of Carson Wentz without mentioning Nick Foles. Yes, the quarterback who took over the Eagles late in the 2017 season for an injured Wentz is underway at training camp. The Super Bowl 52 MVP is currently the third stringer for the Chicago Bears, supporting alleged week 1 starter Andy Dalton and future NFL superstar Justin Fields.

Foles thinks the world of Colt’s head coach Frank Reich from their time together in Philadelphia. Though he hasn’t spoken to him this off-season, what would be illegal, Foles would just explain $ 4 million base salary for 2021 and 2022. He also has $ 6 million in incentives in the final two years of his contract with the Bears. Cheap and a tried and tested product, what’s not to love?

Here’s what Foles said on the podium at Bears Camp Monday after hearing the news of Wentz injuries.

While there are other options for the Colts to consider, whether in a trade or in the free hand, Foles and Minshew are the most logical choices in that order when looking to acquire a quarterback while Wentz is on the mend is. While none are good enough to start the Colts off-season in 16 games, they can certainly win enough to at least help Indianapolis tread the water.

Indianapolis must act fast to get Minshew or Foles before it’s too late.


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